Welcome to Cornstarch. The podcast that tells the stories of the people you know. What are the stories of the neighbors, friends and acquaintances we all have in everyday life. What keeps them going? What keeps them interested and makes them interesting? What is the story that you don’t know when you talk to acquaintances on the commute train or in line at the grocery store?
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Cornstarch: The podcast that tells the stories of the people you know.

Aug 14, 2019

Our pets are special members of the family. But often we are afraid to admit to others how much they really mean to us. Susan and I discuss the grieving process for when our pets leave us suddenly or not so suddenly. 

Mar 18, 2018

1 hr, 20 minutes. A first in a series of episodes when we bring strangers together to interview each other. This episode of Mixing Friends features women of different generations: a Baby Boomer, a Gen Xer and two Gen Ys aka Millennials. 

Jan 28, 2018

Learn why the Women’s March is even more important than last year. We talked to people at the 2018 Women’s March in Philadelphia and also brought in a special guest to discuss today’s current state of affairs. It’s not all about those pink pussy hats.


Recorded on January 20 and 21, 2018

Sep 9, 2017

For well over fifty years, Philadelphians and New Yorkers enjoyed going to Horn and Hardart for food and good coffee. Learn how Horn and Hardart is making its mark again on the this coffee-crazed generation. 

Jul 22, 2017

Listen to “Men at Play.” Have a hobby or a favorite pastime? Our guests tell us how they balance their professional lives with their personal interests.  

Feb 13, 2017

Our primary interviews were with two men who do not know each other but shared the common fear of flying. After a lifetime of never getting on a plane, they both set out to overcome their fear once and for all. Did they succeed? Did either of them get on the plane? Listen to find out.